Hoary Tales of Dune: Fanfic with a Bite

Cylonworms of Dune: chapter 2

Mandy | December 23, 2007

The formidable Admiral Duke Leto Adama Atreides sat in his ready room aboard the Dunestar Galactica, watching his son eat with growing disgust. “My son is not fit to wear the Atreides uniform,” thought the Admiral, with an inward sigh. “Are you going to finish that”? asked Commander Paul Lee Atreides, pointing at Duncan Idaho [...]

Cylonworms of Dune: chapter 1

Mandy | December 23, 2007

The Great Honored Matre female cylon whore #6 gazed lovingly into the large axlotl tank o’ goo at the newly awakening cylonworm. She caught her breath when the tiny small barely conscious slug-like cylonworm belched its first fiery spark of electricity and wriggled sinuously in that thick gooey substance into which all cylons are born. [...]

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