Hoary Tales of Dune: Fanfic with a Bite

Dune of the Dead, Part 3

Omphalos | December 21, 2007

“Well, that’s just about all of them,” Kevin thought as he crouched in the bushes. After being thrown from the house by the shot-gun toting ass and his hoodlum friend, Kevin ran into the nearest copse of trees he could find. Unfortunately he was in a cemetery, and the whole property was landscaped. Even the [...]

Dune of the Dead, Part 2

Omphalos | August 22, 2007

Although Kevin got into the cottage just over twenty minutes prior, he was still twitchy and breathing hard. “Calm down man, you’re making the girl jumpy!” the hard man in shirtsleeves said. Harry his name was, and Kevin already didn’t like him. Harry spoke critically to Kevin with every word he uttered, and Kevin just [...]

Dune of the Dead, Part 1

Omphalos | August 21, 2007

It was well past 10 am and Kevin was late for his first book signing in Tacoma. He had to have the driver turn his car around because he actually forgot his dictaphone. “Imagine that,” Kevin thought to himself, and chuckled noiselessly. That thing was part of him, he relied on it so much. He [...]

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