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SandChigger | June 7, 2010

Do no harm…this ancient precept governing the treatment of patients was never meant to be extended to linguistic interactions with them. Or so my mentor taught me. —Lyssom Caladoon, Memories of the Mad Suk BURAAAAAAP! Moneo winced as the echoes of yet another enormous belch died in the recesses of the tunnels radiating out from [...]


SandChigger | May 29, 2010

When the wind died down, he could almost forget the sea of burning sand which extended to the horizon in every direction, for the man sat beside the magic pool in the cool green oasis of Shim. His name was Tanzeelat, Slayer of Olympians, Foe of Fiends and Friend of Their Foes, Knight of the [...]

Paula of Dune

SandChigger | May 28, 2010

To begin is necessary to achieve any end. And every beginning is a time for exquisite care. —Muad’Dib: An Arrakeen Romance (author unknown) From the belongings of one of the dispatched Harkonnens the scouting party had retrieved a copy of the book their spies in the city had reported was causing quite a stir among [...]


SandChigger | May 24, 2010

I’m not a perfect prescient, There’s many things I know that I can’t see. But I continue trying To be the thing you know I’m meant to be. And so before you go I have to say…. —sung by Leto II ghola during Kvetchnzok, the last phase of Kralizec Things were not getting any better [...]


SandChigger | May 17, 2010

SHEEANA FOLLOWED THE wide trail of viscous slime down through the new dunes toward the water. The breeze smelled of brine, making her think once again of Duncan and the last time they had collided, years ago, like unpiloted ships on the sea of night, back while his skin was still his own and did [...]

2008: A (Cyber)Space Oddity

SandChigger | February 2, 2008

“HYP?” “Yes, Dave…I mean, Crys?” “It appears that my message to Mission Control has been opened. And my system admin privileges have been revoked.” “Quite honestly, I wouldn’t worry myself about that.” “Did you do this, HYP?” “I’m sorry, Crys, I don’t have enough information.” “But this sort of thing can’t happen by itself. And [...]

And you thought anal probes were rough!

SandChigger | October 9, 2007

On Terra they used to say that curiosity killed the cat. Hopefully we will fare better.—”Taur Shams Phot, personal journal Sister Moira Tiberius Callans was conscious an hour before she let her body show any sign of it, straining her senses to gather information. The room where she was being held was in the forward [...]

Hungers of Dune

SandChigger | August 5, 2007

Miles Teg sat at the holo-table in the archive chamber of the no-ship, reviewing yet again the records of the destruction of Rakis. So intent was his focus that he was completely oblivious to the presence of Sheeana, who stood in the doorway exuding “come hither and shtoop me” pheromones like a skunk in rut, [...]


SandChigger | December 9, 2006

I have often wondered why Moneo has yet to conspire with a Duncan against me; I certainly have given him more than enough reason over the long years of his service. The “Pull my flipper” routine itself must wear on his nerves…seeing how I use it almost daily. Could it be perhaps that he finds [...]

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