Hoary Tales of Dune: Fanfic with a Bite

Even Master B…

Tleilax Master B | June 8, 2007

For millennia we have built this image of ourselves. Vile, detestable, impetuous. All to create a myth that would set the stage for our Ascendancy. But tall and stupid?!? The Anderson Manifesto destroys everything the Chosen Ones have worked for…—Tleilax Master B, Speech to the Masheikh in Kehl Even Master B, the most powerful of [...]

Meanwhile, back in the Selamlik…

Tleilax Master B | May 17, 2007

Has not lineal descendancy claimed a patent on canonicity for all of these millennia?—The Tleilaxu Question, from Muad’dib Speaks The air of Tleilax was crystalline, gripped by a stillness that was part the morning chill and part a sense of fear as though everything that was once sacred was now defiled. The MahiMahi, Master B, [...]

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