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SandChigger | June 29, 2010

Hairy Ticks of Dune, in conjunction with Jacurutu, is proud to announce the Dune Fan Fiction Contest. This contest, as an unofficial, unauthorized and completely fan-organized event, is dedicated to honoring and exploring the legacy of Frank Herbert as represented by his Dune books and stories. Full contest details here. Watch this blog and Jacurutu [...]

“The problem is not in your set…”

SandChigger | March 4, 2010

Just updating! Stay tuned!

This blog updated as well

SandChigger | December 1, 2008

With all the crackers around these days, you can’t just leave your blogware stay un-upgraded.

Somebody been peekin’!

SandChigger | August 12, 2007

The post thread with links to this site on the Dune Novels BBS has been deleted. So somebody been peekin’, ya know? They probably won’t come back, but let’s take this opportunity to say a big Hee-Haw howdy to the nice people who are helping to ruin Frank Herbert’s legacy! SaLOOT! (Addendum: Checking the access [...]

(Submissions Thread)

SandChigger | December 8, 2006

If you want to submit something for reposting here, please put it in a comment on this post (or another) and we’ll repost it under your name! “Anonymous” posts will also be accepted, but come on, how hard is it to come up with an amusing user name? (See the Submissions page for another submission [...]

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