Hoary Tales of Dune: Fanfic with a Bite

Part III Leto’s Release

Eru | August 23, 2007

“It’s so difficult when you’re fabulous” –Frank DeCaro Duncan leveled his sight on the faery bridge as the Emperor’s cortège approached. The cable on the left first, then the cable on the right, the trellis of plasteel on the left. He saw Mono preceding the God Emperor’s cart, the opaque cover of which hid Leto [...]

Dune of the Dead, Part 2

Omphalos | August 22, 2007

Although Kevin got into the cottage just over twenty minutes prior, he was still twitchy and breathing hard. “Calm down man, you’re making the girl jumpy!” the hard man in shirtsleeves said. Harry his name was, and Kevin already didn’t like him. Harry spoke critically to Kevin with every word he uttered, and Kevin just [...]

Dune of the Dead, Part 1

Omphalos | August 21, 2007

It was well past 10 am and Kevin was late for his first book signing in Tacoma. He had to have the driver turn his car around because he actually forgot his dictaphone. “Imagine that,” Kevin thought to himself, and chuckled noiselessly. That thing was part of him, he relied on it so much. He [...]

Part II Leto’s Punishment

Eru | August 15, 2007

This Hwi facinates me! She provokes my very humanity! She awakens glorious emotions within me which I thought long lost. Shame, humiliation, disgrace! My, I haven’t felt like this since my first marriage! –Leto’s Misplaced Journals Duncan’s skin still burned from his ordeal upon arriving the previous day as he made his way through the [...]

Somebody been peekin’!

SandChigger | August 12, 2007

The post thread with links to this site on the Dune Novels BBS has been deleted. So somebody been peekin’, ya know? They probably won’t come back, but let’s take this opportunity to say a big Hee-Haw howdy to the nice people who are helping to ruin Frank Herbert’s legacy! SaLOOT! (Addendum: Checking the access [...]

bRain Man

Bijaz | August 11, 2007

Rebecca: You use me, you use Brian, you use everybody. Kevin: Using Brian? Hey Brian, am I using you? Am I using you Brian? Brian: Yeah. Kevin: Shut up! He is answering a question from a half hour ago! Brian: DUNE 200,000 words, DUNE MESSIAH 75,000 words, CHILDREN OF DUNE 150,000 words, GOD-EMPEROR OF DUNE [...]

Part I The Claiming of Leto

Eru | August 11, 2007

Exerpt from a letter from Siona to Nayla Hey Nay-nay! Our efforts against the Worm are going better than I could have ever hoped! Operation “Ding Dong Ditch” went off without a hitch, and I was successful in bribing someone on the inside to pee in His spice coffee. Soon, the next phase of our [...]

Poey’s Fanpiction

Poey | August 11, 2007

Wonderful things are created in times of boredom.

(As yet untitled)

SandChigger | August 9, 2007

(By Secher Nbiw) The man and the woman sat on the floor of the well-lit room, their faces betrayed no emotion, their eyes inhumanly dead and hollow. The man moved about, trying to loosen the ropes around him, ignoring the small group that surrounded him even now. The woman simply sat in silence, seemingly accepting [...]

Hungers of Dune

SandChigger | August 5, 2007

Miles Teg sat at the holo-table in the archive chamber of the no-ship, reviewing yet again the records of the destruction of Rakis. So intent was his focus that he was completely oblivious to the presence of Sheeana, who stood in the doorway exuding “come hither and shtoop me” pheromones like a skunk in rut, [...]

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